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        1. Áine a chara
          1 Join the Metal Reeds group.
          2 Start a gallery
          3 Upload the 5 tracks from your computer.
          That is all you have to do.
          We will be taking all members of the Metal reeds as competitors. The computer will giove each competitor a number and taht is all the judges will have when listening to the 5 tracks – no name address etc for them as the computer will hold on to that.
          I you have trouble get back to us.
          PS you find a new gallery by pressing ‘Media’ at the top of the page under ‘New”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Cynthia and I was born in Mexico, I have ancestors from Spain, Ireland and Bretagne. I have been playing celtic music many years.
    Please send me information about the Irish Harp Competition,
    thank you very much,
    Cynthia, Ishtar Arwen

    1. Cynthia a chara
      all the information and rules and advice are on the site. If you look under the second tab – Comortas / competition and proceed to which ever button you need .. advice… help etc
      Good luck

  2. Rinne mé iarracht clarú ar an suíomh ar maidin le haghaidh clarú don chomórtas ach ní bhfuair mé an ríomhphost atá de dhíth. Feicim gurb é seo an lá deireannach le clarú. An féidir an ríomhphost a chur amach chugam? GRMA.

    1. Ní foláir na píosaí sa chraobh an bheith bunaithe ar do chuig rogha ach tá cead agat iad a atharú trí cur leo nó baint uatha chomh fada agus táid bunaithe ar cad a bhí agat sa chomortas an céad lá. p

  3. Hi Peadar, I noticed there is a discrepancy with the competition closing dates. On the instructions page for the competition, it says 28/9/18 which is the page I was looking at but then I noticed on the left sidebar of the home page, it says 21/9/18. I just uploaded my pieces and hope the 28/9/18 date is correct. Thank you.

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